Our Objectives

Objectives of Milestone Public School

In an outstanding school environment, Milestone Public School is developing a vibrant community that recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion. It is the objective of Milestone Public School to provide a high standard of care and education for all the children in our care.

We aim to provide a friendly, clean, healthy, comfortable and safe environment which the children will find stimulating and challenging, and where enjoyment, fun and achievement are linked with discovery and learning. All the staff are sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of each child and their family, helping all to make a positive contribution to your child’s development and future.

We are encouraging creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship, challenging our students and ourselves to achieve ever-greater goals.

In preparing our students for future prosperity, we are ensuring that they understand the value in creating a sustainable world and serving the wider community.

Finally, we are ensuring that our school is a happy place, where children and our staff, enjoy learning.

Values of Milestone Public School

Firmly grounded in our Indian culture, whilst embracing an international perspective, our values guide our behaviour in building a successful community.

Ethics and Manners: Being respectful, demonstrating humility and choosing wisely.

Pursuing Excellence: Having high standards and being the best that we can be.

Celebrating Diversity: Expanding our horizons, listening to others and growing together.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Creativity, exploring our passions and taking calculated risks.