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Transport :-

  • The school offers convenient transport facilities for its students.The speed limits of the bus are fixed for the purpose of safety.

Infra Structure :

The goal of infrastructure development in school education is to increase school attendance, motivation and to improve academic and non-academic performance of the students. Infrastructure is build based on research to construct child friendly School.

  • 1 - Classroom door with see through glass.

  • 2 - Creative spaceComputerised.

  • 3 - Library Indoor and Outdoor sports.

  • 4 - Interactive Smartboards Amphitheatre.

  • 5 - Sandpit area for Pre-Primary Sections.

  • 6 - Individual Blocks for Primary & Secondary Grades.

  • 7 - CCTV Monitoring.

Medical :-

Medical facilities are available to students who are attended to by trained medical personnel. The school is also connected to reputed hospitals in the city if advanced medical care is required.

Technology :-

Technology is widely used at Milestone School to make students' lives easier in every way possible. Technology is made available to students for educational purpose under the guidance of teachers. Teachers and students use the facility of Smart Classroom, inet connectivity and computerized library software system to ensure that students have exposure to the widest knowledge base available. Various educational CDs are also used to complement classroom activities.


Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Malcolm Forbes