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Our Commitments

Milestone Public School endeavours to work with utmost dedication & sincerity towards transforming the today?s students into successful personalities of tomorrow. The over-riding priorities of Milestone are:-

  • - Developing effective communication skills for enabling the students to express themselves both in Hindi & English in clear, unambiguous and grammatically correct language as it will definitely prove to be the most requisite & useful skill for definitely prove to be the most requisite & useful skill for students in their later years..

  • - Building a solid foundation by focusing in quality education through conceptual clarity and understanding of the issues, rather than just mugging up more & more information.

  • - Ensuring personalized and specialized attention to each child through regular monitoring & assessments, maintaining low chills-teacher ratio and promoting effective parent-teacher interactions.

  • - Providing a well-knit team of dedicated, responsive & responsible management and staff, working with the philosophy ?together we can and we will.

  • - Multi-dimensional wholesome education including personal, social, emotional, physical and creative development with special focus on career guidance, counseling and proven academic imparting systems & controls in consonance with international standards of ISO 9001:2008.


The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives..

Robert M. Hutchins